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A message from Value Motors

Over the past 4weeks - Like you; we have respected the governments lockdown and played our part in keeping NZ safe!
Also like you; we’re really keen on playing our part in re-building NZs economy... FAST; through getting back to doing what we do best - selling cars and lots of them!!

Level 3 means an easing of restrictions. This allows us to be OPEN FOR BUSINESS following strict Level 3 contactless guidelines ...

Like you; we don’t want to go back to Level 4, so we will be adhering to all that is necessary to start the economic rebuild in Level 3 whilst staying staunchly focused on ERADICATING COVID-19 FROM NZ!

From Tuesday 28th APRIL, we will be available for the following...

No browsing at the dealership - only on-line with Enquiry via phone and e-mail

Car sales will be made via phone and email.
All sales and finance contracts are available digitally (contactless) - Enquiry for more information

Adhering to strict Level 3 criteria; We will arrange sanitised contactless pick-up or delivery options for you once sales process is complete

Contactless test drives are available by appointment only. Phone or email, no visiting the dealership unannounced.

We are happy to facilitate this for you from a designated zone at the dealership, at a specific time or... we can also arrange ‘from home/or work’ test drives; where we bring the cars to you (Wellington region where applicable and by mutual agreement) - again specific times and appointments only.

All Level 3 requirements; including Social distancing will be employed at all times and all contact surfaces and keys will be sanitized before and after you test drive it

Trades are no problem. Where we need to physically appraise the trade-in; our sales team will wear masks and gloves and sanitize you’re vehicle afterwards. Site/unseen appraisals still available too

For all Enquiry, or clarity on above Please Contact us through email or call 04 589 6289 04 589 6289 - a salesman will be in touch to answer all questions and arrange/explain the process from here

We look forward to being of assistance in this unusual, but crucial time. Good luck New Zealanders; let’s begin the rebuild!

PS: This is just a brief outline...(for full information around guidelines and level 3 requirements please contact )